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Product Category Content

Product category content is an essential part of an eCommerce website, and they are a key factor in your success. 

This content displays on each product category page, introducing prospective customers to the different brands, subcategories, varieties of your product line, as well as the unique benefits of your product and brand. 

When properly executed, the right product category content can help your product get noticed on search engine websites, influence buying decisions, and improve your brands reputation.

Product Content

Selling a product through eCommerce is different from selling it in physical stores. 

Modern buyers will research products to find the best one for their needs, which means you must find ways of making your product content stand out. 

Ideally, your product content will give buyers a good idea of what they can expect when they purchase your products and inspire confidence in your company and your brand. 

Our professional writers are ready to create product content that will help you rank on search engines such as Google, drive more traffic to your website, increase your conversion rate, and reduce returns.

Video Content

By creating video content, your brand stands out and connects with customers who are searching for products like yours. 

Not only does video content help you increase organic traffic and SEO rankings, but it also boosts conversions and sales thanks to the enormous “buy me” message contained in your videos that links buyers directly to your purchase page. 

As a leading innovator of cost-effective product video marketing, we know the importance of video content - in fact, according to statistics released by Google and YouTube, businesses that utilize video content outperform their competitors by up to 434 percent. 

Let our team help you build your brand with video content today.

Blog Content

In any eCommerce business, it’s important to attract new customers. 

In today’s competitive selling environment, it’s not enough to only have product pages to sell your products, it is increasingly important to supplement these product pages with search engine optimized blog articles. 

These blog articles are normally keyword optimized and rank higher in search results than a simple product page. 

They also are designed to complement your product pages by focusing on search engine keywords that compliment your product page – for example “5 Must Have Products For ...”. 

For maximum impact, we can coordinate your blog article with exposure through email marketing, social media, and video content.


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Unfortunately, no. Our staffing is based on the number of service credits we are contractually bound to provide for any given month. Best bet is to think of the entice service as an employee. If a task does not get completed one month, your employee will not be working for free the next.
Our team will start working on your tasks within 3 to 5 business days based on priority. Completion time varies according to the task. Content / Photography related tasks can take up two 2 weeks.
No. The Entice service credits cannot be used towards any ERP specific services. For these types of tasks, you would need to consult with a Connected Business partner. With that said, Entice service credits can be applied towards ERP training – based on availability and availability is not guaranteed within a particular month.
We offer discounted service credits for those that need more services. We will work with you to come up with a budget for your strategy…

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