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Attracting Visitors To Your Website Is Just The First Step. By Collecting Email Data From Those Visitors, You Can Track Their Interactions With Your Website And Follow-Up With Personized Offers And Suggestions…

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Data Collection Forms

Forms are an excellent way to collect visitor information allowing you to convert anonymous visitors into new contacts and leads. 

Entice takes this one step further by allowing you automate actions once a contact is created – for example, automated data segmentation, sales team notifications, and marketing automation triggers. 

Entice forms includes advanced features as single and multi-page forms, automated form filling (of known data), spam blocking via reCAPTCHA and progressive profiling.

Popup Forms

Entice allows you to create pop-up forms that are both attractive and intelligent. 

Entice popup forms can entice a visitor to volunteer their contact information for something like a catalog, coupon, or a subscription. 

Entice allows you to define how to format your popups (i.e banner, modal, full screen, etc.) and how the popup is triggered – for example, upon a page visit, when the visitor has read half of the page, or when he is about to close his navigation tab. 

Entice can also hide popups for known contacts so they are not getting in the way of their shopping experience. 

In one conversion rate optimization study, an eCommerce brand increased email sign ups by 758%, boosted sales conversion rate by 50%, and average order size by 30% by adding a discount pop up to their eCommerce site.

Fill In The Blanks With Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling is a technique that allows marketers to gradually collect information on your contacts at strategically timed intervals throughout their buying journey. 

It involves requesting a few pieces of information at a time, rather than asking for too much all at once. Each interaction involves the exchange of something of value, such as an coupon, for a bit more information. 

This continues until, finally, a marketer has a complete picture of their contact. 

With complete picture, you can send them more targeted messages, attain more conversions, and generate better results.

progressive profiling

Gain Valuable Insight Via Contact Tracking

Once a data collection form is submitted, Entice will track how your contact is interacting with your website. 

This not only allows the marketing automation AI to execute personalized marketing campaigns based on their behavior, but also provides your B2B sales staff with a contact / customers historic website tracking information so that they can focus their follow-up discussions with the client. 

For known contacts, tracking allows you to get a better understanding on how visitors interact with your website, the products they view, and the frequency that they visit you. 

Detailed tracking information allows you to make sales to dormant buyers though the use of enticements. For example, send an email to someone to remind them of a category or product they were viewing earlier in the day, or the day (or week) before.

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