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Multi-Store eCommerce

Successful eCommerce goes beyond putting your items online and hoping for the best. It requires a comprehensive strategy that incorporates accurate, real-time customer and inventory data, SEO optimized content and dazzling product photography. For B2B eCommerce, complex business rules and supply chain data need to flow through your cart as today’s buyers expect consistent, accurate information no matter what channel they are purchasing from.

  • Real-time data. Alway accurate stock and pricing data.
  • Multi-buyer ready. 
  • Multi-store ready. One fulfillment backend.
  • Full account purchasing history.
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ERP / Order Management

Did you know that most ERP solutions were initially developed before eCommerce became an important sales channel? Long term eCommerce success requires building trust between your buyers and your digital sales tools, so we include a license for Connected Business ERP with every Entice One account. With Connected Business all the information on your website is real-time, allowing your buyers to shop with confidence.

  • Includes All Core ERP and CRM Modules.
  • Multi-store ready. Fulfill orders from one backend.
  • Real-time data across all internal sales channels.
  • Connectors to all popular marketplaces.
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Digital Marketing Automation

Our Entice Studio Digital Marketing suite is fully unified with our eCommerce and ERP, simplifying the creation of complex marketing campaigns and personalized marketing automation campaigns. With Entice Studio, we can work with you to create “Amazon Like” digital marketing experiences that increase sales and build brand loyalty.

  • Email Personalization.
  • Marketing Automation.
  • SMS And Push Automation.
  • Contract Tracking.
  • Pop-up Forms.
  • Marketing Campaigns.
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Yes and no. If your business is primarily business to consumer (B2C), you do not sell a consumable, and manufacture all your own products, we might be able to come up with a plan that works within your exiting technology stack. However, if your business has some elements of business to business (B2B) and a complex supply chain, then our technology stack is probably better suited for long-term success. Best bet it for us to understand your needs and come up with a winning strategy.
All the most popular cart solutions do a fantastic job of what their intended purpose is – get the product in the cart. Our shopping cart goes beyond that by factoring in fulfillment, shipping, supply chain, purchasing and more. It also is far superior for B2B transactions as it supports complex business rules across sales channels and internal departments. Discover why the most popular carts only average tens of thousands of in sales each year while our shopping cart average is in the millions…
Yes, you would only need to pay for the technology stack you are using at their normal prices.
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